Letter of Principles

Organizations, networks or movements linked to the WG Agenda 2030 have the mission of defending common rights and assets, that is, those whose benefit cannot exclude any member of the community.

Our mission

Accompany and focus on the 2030 Agenda with a view to guaranteeing and promoting economic, social, cultural and environmental rights, and overcoming inequalities.

Our Goals

In a world context characterized by the deepening of multiple dynamics that impact all societies and marked by wide inequalities, we hope to act in global and local spaces, in an articulate manner, in order to contribute to:

– Promote and qualify the participation of Brazilian civil society organizations in world / national / local spaces, strengthening their vocation for advocacy and monitoring of international policies.

– Mobilize society’s attention to the importance of the content of global goals in shaping the internationally agreed development model, and their impact / relationship on local agendas.

– Gather and analyze information on the 2030 Agenda to focus on the SDG implementation process, particularly through the planned and ongoing policy focus with the Brazilian government.

– Monitor and remain engaged in the United Nations system, seeking to participate and focus on the processes that will follow around the implementation of the Agenda over the next 15 years.

– Promote sustainable development, fight against inequality and injustice and strengthen the defense of universal and indivisible rights, based on the full involvement of civil society in global decision-making spaces.

Our Principles

– Equality: because we oppose all forms of inequality between people, groups or countries, whether of economic, political, social, generational, territorial, cultural, religious, racial, gender identity or sexual orientation.

– Diversity: because we understand that diversity is not opposed to equality, on the contrary, they are complementary and interconnected concepts.

– Solidarity: We work collectively and cooperatively, overcoming competition, exploitation and hierarchical relationships.

– Respect for plurality: We recognize and respect the diversity of opinions, ways of life and political positions as legitimate manifestations of the plural being of humanity and the complexity of society.

– Autonomy: We operate in total autonomy from the state, governments, churches and political parties.

– Transparency: We work to promote access to information about the 2030 Agenda by sharing content.

– Confidentiality: Information treated as confidential by the group may not be disclosed without permission of the author / person sharing the information.

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